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Shooty Hoops Saturday Open Thread: Let the madness continue

This is so much fun, contrary to what Bobby Hurley thinks.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

So we've had a pretty crazy first week. Akron smoked Western Michigan on night one of conference play, while Central Michigan inexplicably won at Toledo on a late three-pointer. More zaniness happened Wednesday, as Ball State pulled off the biggest upset of the week according to KenPom. The Cardinals win at Eastern Michigan sent some shockwaves through the conference and showed that everyone has to bring it every night.

What madness will we have today? First of all, let's give you the schedule:

Away Home Time Streaming
Buffalo Western Michigan 1:00 ($)
Ohio Bowling Green 4:00 ($)
Central Michigan Ball State 4:30 ESPN3
Eastern Michigan Miami 5:30 ($)
Kent State Northern Illinois 8:00 ESPN3

Not a lot of free action, but feel free to follow along and jump in the discussion about some MAC basketball. Obviously the Buffalo-Western Michigan will be the one to watch, followed by Ohio-Bowling Green. Of course, after Ball State's win, you really can't count anyone out. Miami played well against Buffalo and has the chance to drop Eastern Michigan to 0-2, which may cause some Eagle fans to panic.

Hop in, enjoy the ride, and let's hope for some more craziness.