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MAC Basketball Power Rankings: Week 11

We've got a new number 1!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it was certainly an interesting week this week. Our prior top team, Buffalo, promptly lost both games although both were tough road games. Kent State just keeps winning but their week wasn't enough to propel them to the top of the rankings, even though they have the best record. Central Michigan won both games this week as well and look to be a real contender.

Rank Team Record Previously Last Week
1 Akron 13-6 (4-2) 2 L - at Northern Illinois, W - at Western Michigan
2 Western Michigan 13-6 (4-2) 3 W - at Miami, L - Akron
3 Kent State 14-5 (5-1) 7 W - Toledo, W - at Ball State
4 Bowling Green 12-5 (4-2) 5 W - Eastern Michigan, L - at Toledo
5 Central Michigan 14-3 (4-2) 6 W - Buffalo, W - Eastern Michigan
6 Toledo 11-8 (3-3) 4 L - at Kent State, W - Bowling Green
7 Buffalo 12-6 (3-3) 1 L - at Central Michigan, L - at Ohio
8 Ohio 7-10 (2-4) 12 W - at Ball State, W - Buffalo
9 Ball State 7-10 (2-4) 9 L - Ohio, L- Kent State
10 Eastern Michigan 12-7 (1-5) 8 L - at Bowling Green, L - at Central Michigan
10 Northern Illinois 8-9 (2-4) 10 W - Akron, L - Miami
12 Miami 7-12 (2-4) 11 L - Western Michigan, W - at Northern Illinois

Even with a loss at one of the worst teams in the league (and NIU really isn't even that bad), the Zips take over the number one spot after sweeping the season series against #2 Western Michigan. That was a Bronco team that had just come off beating Toledo on the road. Akron has two wins over the #2 team and a victory over both the #4 and #5 teams as well.

Kent State is doing what they need to do this year: hold serve at home and pick up the winnable games on the road. That tactic has propelled them to the best record in the league at 5-1. Their best win though is Toledo, and they haven't played Akron, Western Michigan or Central Michigan yet.

Buffalo did not have a good week, losing both their games away from home. While winning on the road is not easy in this league, the Bulls really should have picked up a victory over Central Michigan or Ohio. They're now two games back, and could be in danger or missing out on a top-four seed.

Ohio makes a huge jump after going from no wins at this time last week to 2 right now. The win over Buffalo at home was impressive, and it showed that you can't count out the Bobcats just yet.

I have a feeling that some voters think Eastern Michigan is going to make their run sometime soon, which is why they aren't last. It's really unthinkable that they would be even close to the worst team in the league, even though they have so much talent. The Eagles were #1 in our rankings for a couple of weeks after beating Michigan, now they're smelling the bottom.

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