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Madonna Crusaders vs. Eastern Michigan Eagles men's basketball recap: Thompson takes care of business again, Eagles win 79-63

Eastern Michigan's defense is not a soothing religion, it's a painful religion. We're all gluttons for punishment.

Overall it was a really ugly game on both sides. Perhaps the sloppy play is a reflection of the mental approach of a Division-I team playing against the second-worst team from the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference after a 44-point win over the worst team in the conference. This [also] probably should've been treated as an exhibition matchup, but the Eastern Michigan Eagles pump up their overall record to 4-2 on the season, beating the Madonna Crusaders (3-9, 1-4 WHAC) 79-63.

Zephyr in the night I wonder, do the tears of those guarding Thompson sink beneath the rim? He's gotten himself another double-double quickly for the call of thunder frightens everyone. After the freshman recorded his first career double-double against Marygrove the day before National Food Coma Awareness Day, Thompson posted a team-high 23 points (12 in the first half) and 15 rebounds (6 offensive) for his second of the year.

"It was good to see (Thompson) aggressively rebound," EMU coach Rob Murphy said after the game. "We wanted to get more rebounds than he had the game before.

"He may not get 20 points every game, but he's a good enough player to make a huge impact on defense, he continued to get the offensive glass and when he gets his opportunities, he can score inside. He'll have a good year for us."

EMU head coach Rob Murphy went to the bench early and often, and rightfully so. Ethan Alvano averaged 14.5 minutes mostly off the bench last year, played 21 minutes today as a follow up to playing 23 minutes on Wednesday. Most of Alvano's contributions went defensively, creating loose balls in the passing lanes and had three steals. Forward Jordan Nobles, who's also been splitting time at center with Thompson, grabbed five rebounds for himself.

"You just want to continue to see who can play in a game situation and perform. We weren't playing the score... if I wanted to win by 30 or 40 and that was of importance then I would've allowed (the starters) to play most of the second half, but that wasn't the case," Murphy said.

Ty Toney started the first four games for EMU but sat out these past two with an ingrown toenail. It's nothing too serious, Murphy said he could've played today but it wasn't a pressing issue where he absolutely had to play. He'll be back in the lineup on December 1 against Nebraska-Omaha and back in practice tomorrow.

Raven Lee will come back in the next game too, but he's expected to be the first guard off the bench.

"We're playing really good basketball and I think he can be an addition to that," Murphy said. "For us, it's not really who starts... he'll play starter minutes... What I need to figure out is how to play (Toney, Willie Mangum and Lee) all together because they're really good basketball players."

Mangum recorded 16 points on 14 shot attempts. He had one assist to go with his seven turnovers.

Crusaders shot 39.7 percent from the floor, outscored EMU 47-41 in the second half.