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Ohio Bobcats vs. St. Bonaventure Bonnies men's basketball final: Bonnies too much for 'Cats, win 81-68

The first half was quite entertaining, the second half was all Bonnies. Ohio falls in what could have been a satisfying road win.

Bobcats fall after tough second half performance at St. Bonaventure
Bobcats fall after tough second half performance at St. Bonaventure

For the second consecutive year, St. Bonaventure came away with a double-digit nonconference win against Ohio. The Bobcats' 81-68 loss to the Bonnies was largely due to the home team's conversion of points off of turnovers (20) and fun-to-watch guard play.

Jaylen Adams and Marcus Posley carved Ohio up in front of a crowd over over 5,000, combining for 41 points while Adams knocked down 5 of 7 3-pointers.

The Bonnies also used a 2-3 zone to seemingly confound Ohio for much of the second half. Ohio led 50-46 with 13:34 to go in the game after an Antonio Campbell layup, but St. Bonaventure got things going from there. They scored 10 straight points and charged out on a 26-6 run over the midst of about eight minutes of play. Though Ohio proceeded close the gap slightly, it was the Adams 3-pointer that felt like the proverbial nail in the coffin with the home squad up 72-56.

Ohio's 13 turnovers turned into 20 points for St. Bonaventure, a trend that continues to plague this bunch.

The game was extremely entertaining throughout the first half, with St. Bonaventure pushing the pace over the game's opening minutes. Ohio didn't always look comfortable, but managed to fight tooth and nail each possession. There were a lot of 50-50 balls that over the course of the game, St. Bonaventure would get more and more of.

Ohio didn't show it until the second half, but it could have greatly used freshman Jordan Dartis, a guard out of Newark, Ohio who has played splendidly for the 'Cats this season. His 11 points per game were missed, especially his ability to shoot spot up triples, which would have come in handy against St. Bonaventure's zone.

Ohio did take the initiative to get Antonio Campbell more touches, and coupled him with Wadly Mompremier in the second half. That's something the Bobcats don't do often. Campbell finished with 20 points but only 3 rebounds.

Treg Setty's always high-energy play added up to 12 rebounds while he showed a more confidence shooting the ball, and hit two 3-pointers and scored 16. James Gollon playerd some quality minutes in the first half, scoring 8 points in 10 minutes of play, including two 3-pointers and a pull-up fast break jumper that gave Ohio a lead late in the first half.