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MAC Basketball Transfer List

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There are multiple players leaving the MAC, and we will continue to update this list once more names come out.

Eric P. Mull - US Presswire

Unfortunately, with college basketball like it is now, a high percentage of players don't stay at the school they originally committed to right out of high school. ESPN's Jeff Goodman puts out a list of all of the transfers of college players that happen in the offseason, and that list was first published today.

Here is a list of those players listed by Goodman and other transfers listed on Verbal Commits.

Player School New School Per game averages
Lekan Ajayi Eastern Michigan 1.5 points, 3.7 rebounds, 13.7 minutes
Gary Akbar Kent State Texas-Permian Basin 1.7 points, 1.6 rebounds, 8.7 minutes
Angel Aparicio Toledo .1 points. .4 rebounds, 1.4 minutes
Jovan Austin Bowling Green 3.5 points, 2.6 assists, 16.5 minutes
Galal Cancer * Cornell Kent State 9.6 points, 3.4 rebounds, 29.9 minutes
Zack Denny Bowling Green 9.2 points, 5.2 rebounds, 27.2 minutes
Delvin Dickerson Bowling Green 5.7 points, 2.4 rebounds, 15.3 minutes
Jaryd Eustace Miami 3.7 points, 1.8 rebounds, 11.5 minutes
Shannon Evans Buffalo Arizona State 15.4 points, 4.6 assists, 34.5 minutes
Bobby Frasco Buffalo Did not play this season
B.J. Gladden Akron Eastern Florida State 2.9 points, 1.6 rebounds, 9.7 minutes
Torian Graham Houston Buffalo Yet to play D-1 basketball
Josh Gomez Bowling Green 2 points, 1.6 rebounds, 6.9 minutes
Keith Gray Northern Illinois 1 point, 1.5 rebounds, 7.6 minutes
Kevin Gray Northern Illinois Did not play this season
Charles Harris Western Michigan 1 point, .5 rebounds, 3.2 minutes
Marcus Keene Youngstown State Central Michigan 15.6 points, 2.8 assists, 34.9 minutes
Nick Madray Binghamton Eastern Michigan 7.8 points, 3.5 rebounds, 22 minutes
Mario Matasovic Western Michigan 2.6 points, 2.6 rebounds, 13.4 minutes
Filip Medjo Central Michigan Did not play this season
Deyshonee Much Buffalo Iona Did not play this season
Chauncey Orr Bowling Green Hawaii Pacific 2.2 points, 1.8 rebounds, 11.4 minutes
Joshua Oswald Miami 1.1 points, 1.3 rebounds, 6.3 minutes
Spencer Parker Bowling Green 7.8 points, 3.7 rebounds, 24.9 minutes
Tayler Persons Northern Kentucky Ball State 13.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, 28.7 minutes
Derrick Richardson, Jr. Central Michigan Did not play this season
Rashaun Richardson Ball State John A. Logan JC Did not play this season
Steve Taylor Jr. Marquette Toledo 5.9 points, 5 rebounds, 22.1 minutes
Mading Thok Ball State Minnesota State 3.5 points, 2.3 rebounds, 5.8 minutes
J.D. Tisdale Bowling Green .8 points, 1.3 rebounds, 6.5 minutes
Chandler Thomas Ohio Did not play this season
Zavier Turner Ball State Manhattan 8.7 points, 3.3 assists, 29.7 minutes
Nate Wells * Bradley Ball State 3 points, 1.5 rebounds, 11.6 minutes
Aubrey Williams Toledo Kennesaw State .6 points, .6 rebounds, 2.6 minutes
Jake Wright The Citadel Miami 25.7 minutes, 8.9 points, 1.6 rebounds

*Eligible immediately

As new information becomes available, we'll update this post. Also, be sure to let us know if you hear of any other transfers.