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Justin Moss dismissed from Buffalo Bulls basketball, school

The reigning MAC Player of the Year leaves Buffalo with another hole from their 2015 championship squad.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The hits keep coming for the reigning MAC Men's Basketball champions, as Buffalo's star forward Justin Moss is no longer a member of the team nor a student at UB, according to a UB statement in response to media requests today. Moss, the 2015 MAC Player of the Year, was facing punishment following an on-campus theft over the summer.

The incident in question happened while Moss and teammates Raheem Johnson and Mory Diane were working a summer job on-campus. The trio was involved in a theft, but returned the money while the victims declined to press charges.

Moss was of course a frontcourt star for the Bulls, stepping into the hole left by graduating MAC Player of the Year Javon McCrea, and averaged 17 points and 9 rebounds in his junior season. Johnson and Diane remain on the team and enrolled in school, as the offense was the first for both while Moss had a prior infraction on his record.

Buffalo has now lost its head coach, starting point guard, and all-conference power forward from the 2015 MAC Championship team, along with a number of high-ceiling recruits and transfers, and even with the return to the old tournament seems to face a tough road even for a bye in 2016. Our friends at Bull Run have more info and discussion.