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Open Chat: night one pits Akron against Buffalo and Kent State versus Western Michigan.

Aren't you excited for MAC shooty hoops? And yes, I do always call them shooty hoops. With MAC football news transitioning to coaching switches, recruits and pro prospects, you all are going to need some game action. Well, time for some basketball!

We're excited too, coach Dambrot.
We're excited too, coach Dambrot.
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Good golly gee folks, I'm sure glad that you're here to share the shooty hoops with us. We know how much you love football, but with games complete, it was only a matter of time until you came crawling this direction to salvage some MAC sports. It's okay. We understand. This is going to be a fun MAC slate as so much is still in the air.

Well, let's get to it. It's Tuesday night. Both games are set for 7pm. Let's boogie.

Akron @ Buffalo

While Bobby Hurley is off snorting his nostrils in Tempe, the Buffalo Bulls are actually doing quite alright despite the amount of talent that took its leave from New York. But for more on Buffalo, go ahead and read our interview with sister blog Bull Run.

While Akron has taken the unofficial title of "best team in the MAC" into league play, it is hurting a wee bit. Pat Forsythe continues to battle an ankle injury and Jake Kretzer (who has had concussion issues in the past) seems to have hurt himself against South Carolina State.

Not that all of this has bothered the Zips, who continues its winning ways. They are winners of eight straight.

Kent State @ Western Michigan

One of these teams looks like it could compete for a Mid-American Conference crown. The other does not. You can tell us which is which. But be sure to read our preview.

Kent State lost a lot of its shooting from the perimeter in all those senior guards from last year. Coach Rob Senderoff's group has found a way to continue its success. It's not impressing anyone from beyond the arc, but the combined play of Jimmy Hall and a rotating crew of guys who can fill an important role on a nightly basis continue to show that KSU is a program that is here to or near the top.

Wester on the other hand, has seen better days. And those better days were with Connar Tava. The Broncos and guys like Thomas Wilder, Drake Lamont and Anthony Avery are talented, but it hasn't translated to success in what is certainly a down year.