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MAC Hoopsters drafted in D-League draft

Did your favorite MAC basketball stalwart not get hitched with an NBA franchise or head overseas? Well, a few were drafted to the NBA Developmental League Sunday.

Kaleb Carter

Okay, so your favorite MAC star wasn't drafted to an NBA team. Okay, so they weren't even signed as a free agent. Big whoop want to fight about it?

Take it easy, because some of your favorite MAC hoopsters were taken in the NBADevelopmental League draft on Sunday. Just a few though.

Round 2, pick 6: Chris Fowler of Central Michigan to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants

The encroachingly terringfyingly-named Mad Ants of Fort Wayne picked up the Chippewas Chris Fowler, who by all means has the skills to be a respectable pro backup. Fort Wayne is owned by the Pacers. Maybe Larry Legend has a plan in store for Fowler and his diverse array of offensive skills?

Fowler is CMU's all-time assists leader (686), a multiple time all-MAC first team member, and had an all-around diverse skill set. He averaged 16+ points per game each of his last three years with the Chips.

Round 3, Pick 6: Pat Forsythe of Akron to the Grand Rapids Drive

That guy who stuck around Akron for what felt like a while? No not Jake Kretzer (well, yes Jake Kretzer but whatever), the Akron big man gets his chance to play pro ball.

As you can see, he can do a decent enough job on the defensive end and does well enough on offense to justify picking the big fella up.

Round 4, pick 2: Karrington Ward of Eastern Michigan to the Oklahoma City Blue

The Blue are an affiliate of the fighting Russeell Westbrooks. Karrington Ward could possibly get to perfect the fine art of not disrespecting Russ by ensuring that he gets high-fives at timeouts. Seriously though, Ward was a fun guy to watch and did some cool things in his time in Ypsi. Here's to hoping he can find some success in OKC, all the while paying witness to Westbrook and his attempt to murder teams by himself.

Meanwhile, Ward is crazy athletic and definitely showed that off enough while in college to earn himself some serious respect. He might even get to show it off at the pro level now.