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2016-17 MAC Men’s Basketball Recap: Bowling Green Falcons AND Ball State Cardinals

The Cardinals took on IU-K and our Falcons took on the Falcons of Notre Dame College.

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I was flipping between both games, and saw the same thing, so I decided to write both recaps at the same time. #efficiency, #lazy, tomato, tomatoe. In either case, the results were the same. A “lesser” basketball team took on a MAC school, and the MAC school took care of business.

Neither outcome was ever in doubt. I doubt they were in doubt when the games were scheduled, but that’s another conversation for another day.

Today’s conversation is going to be about how I went about my sports day. I woke up and found out it was PJ Fleck’s birthday, the football coach of WMU. I wrote him warm birthday wishes, while giving him completely unsolicited life advice. Then, fairly confident that there were no MAC basketball games before 7pm, I went about my day.

At about 6:45, I looked to see what was on the slate, and noticed BGSU and BSU had terrible teams, so I volunteered to cover those games. I can’t say I knew CMU was going to semi struggle vs W&M, it’s just the way it worked out.

So I watched 5 minutes of the BGSU game as they took a commanding lead, while watching the college football playoff rankings come in. I then flipped to the BSU game, and decided to yell at people on twitter on why WMU is ranked too low, and other teams are ranked too high instead of watching the completion of either game.

Just so it’s understood, it’s not just about WMU getting disrespect in football, it’s about all of MAC football getting disrespect. Oklahoma State can lose 2 games and be in the top 10, but WMU can go undefeated and not finish in the top 15, even though WMU beat the team that OSU couldn’t? Makes no sense.

Oh, ya, we are onto basketball season before football season is over.

BSU beat IU-Kokomo, and IU had 15 players play, with NONE scoring in double digits. Francis Kiapway scored 18 for the Cardinals and Trey Moses had 12 rebounds. Off the bench, Ryan Weber had 24 points, and Tahjai Teague had 18 points and 10 rebounds.

Bowling Green, the first game I turned off, did better, I guess, or maybe not. They won 86-60, with 4 starters and a bench player scoring in double figures. Demajeo Wiggins hit 5-5 free throws, which defies logic. I challenge anyone to find a kid that has played as many minutes as Wiggins, and shot as many free throws as Wiggins did last year that improved as much as Wiggins did this season. #improbable.

In both cases, not much to take from either game, other than these particular MAC schools took care of business. Both teams seem to be improving on the year, especially BGSU.