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Just Saying: A new Tuesday blog post about MAC Shooty Hoops

A resident Ohio blogger takes a step away from Ohio blogging for adult things, but has every intention of sharing his love and observations of MAC shooty hoops.

Kaleb Carter

The past three years I have focused on Ohio Bobcats athletics in my role at Hustle Belt. Now, with a a real-life adult job that doesn't allow me to be in Ohio Bobcat circles outside of social media, I'm doing my best to stay involved and in-touch with MAC sports.

As some folks know about me, I'm all about college shooty hoops, specifically mid-major hoops.

The MAC is a great example of a conference that is generally not all that great, and is plenty endearing despite that.

It gives me joy to start writing a piece each week about things I've observed from the play of Mid-American Conference teams. So come here on Tuesday's for that.

With this coming weekend's slate of games approaching rapidly, I sit giddily in front of my computer, as ready for college basketball season as I have been for anything in recent memory.

There's oh so many things at the tip of the tongue that I could touch on, but the opening weekend of games will tell us more than I can probably say in one post.

MAC teams starting play Friday include:

  • Miami, who plays host to Muskingum
  • Eastern Michigan, who treks to Pittsburgh
  • Bowling Green who flies over to face the Grizzlies of Oakland
  • Northern Illinois aims to bark up the right tree in a home contest with the Indiana State Sycamores
  • Central Michigan brings to town IU-Kokomo
  • Marygrove College comes to Western Michigan
  • Ball State flocks to St. Louis to face the Billikens
  • Buffalo aims not to fall at Niagara
And that's just Friday

On Saturday:
  • Southern comes north to Ohio
  • Kent State sets sail to the Beeghly center in Youngstown to face off with Cleveland State
  • Toledo aims to squash some Brotherly love at St. Joes
  • Akron faces off with an upstart Youngstown State squad in the Beeghly Center
And then Sunday:
  • Eastern aims to get Moody at SMU
  • While BG travels to South Dakota

And Monday?

  • Buffalo takes a swipe at 7th-ranked Xavier
  • Roosevelt takes on NIU
  • The Bobcats host Sam Houston State
  • Western Michigan becomes the second MAC team to face the Grizzlies this weekend
  • CMU goes to Tennessee Tech
I promise I won't make a habit of noting every single game, I just want you to know that there is so much to be stoked for, and plenty of action to get the feelings out for these teams early. If you're like me, you'll want to park your booty on the couch, kick back and watch television (football) while having your computer propped up with several windows of basketball games up.

There's so much to look for from just these first four days.

Does Buffalo pick up where it left off as a solid program winning MAC tourney titles? We know Ohio and Akron are likely to be the two teams with the most talent on their respective rosters this season.

Has EMU set course to be the best squad in the MAC West like the coaches seem to think the Eagles are, or does James Whitford have his Ball State bunch ready to reign supreme in the west?

We will get a look at who steps up for Toledo, if John Cooper can finally pick up some momentum at Miami, who besides Braylon Rayson can contribute for CMU, and more.

Oh so many things are coming.

I missed you college basketball.