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MAC Basketball Power Rankings: Major shakeup as 7-5 teams try to sort each other out

There are five teams tied for second place - and it's getting harder to see the differences between them.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been following MAC basketball all season, you know this: this conference is nuts. It's a conference where literally anything can happen, like a few weeks ago when Miami (who just lost 93-49 to Toledo) knocked off then top dog Northern Illinois. Seriously, look at the standings right now:

How do we even try to figure out the order among the five 7-5 teams? Here's  our best shot:

Rank Team (1st Place Votes) Points Last Week
1 Akron (12) 12 1
2 Ball State 47 4
3 Toledo 52 7
4 Buffalo 54 2
5 Ohio 67 8
6 Kent State 71 5
7 Central Michigan 73 3
8 Northern Illinois 74 6
9 Eastern Michigan 97 10
10 Bowling Green 120 9
11 Western Michigan 125 11
12 Miami 144 12

Toledo is your biggest riser this week, jumping all the way from seventh to third. Perhaps it was that blowout of Miami, but more likely it's because of their four-game win streak. It was odd to see the Rockets sitting at 3-5 in conference play after losing two home games in a row, but now the Rockets are playing the Toledo basketball we remember from the past few years. Impressive wins at Kent State and at Buffalo show that the Rockets can't be counted out. They still have to play Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan twice, but get co-division leaders Ball State at home.

Ohio is on a nice 3-game win streak, and if you go back further the Bobcats have won 5 of their last 6 with the lone loss to Akron. What's great about those wins is who they were against: Ball State, Toledo, Buffalo, Kent State and Northern Illinois, who just happen to be all in the top 8 of our rankings. That certainly helps tiebreaker-wise, and with two games left against Miami, the Bobcats will certainly be in play for a top four seed.

On the other end of the spectrum, Central Michigan just had a disastrous week. They were beaten soundly by both Eastern Michigan (71-56) and Ball State (75-63). When their offense isn't clicking things just go down the drain, and they'll have to be better in the next few games - especially with two of them against Toledo.