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Selection Sunday Open Chat

It's Selection Sunday! Let's see where all the shooty hoops squads land

Nate Oats is ready to go dancing
Nate Oats is ready to go dancing
Kaleb Carter

On Selection Sunday, many teams wait to hear their names called as the NCAA Tournament bracket is announced.  We know that Buffalo is in, following their MAC Championship win last night.  Akron is hoping for a long-shot at an at-large bid as well.  For the other MAC schools, it'll come down to if the CBI, CIT, or Vegas 16 offer a spot.

Here's what we know so far:

Buffalo 20-14 NCAA Tournament
Akron 26-8 NIT
Ohio 21-11 Likely CBI/CIT
Kent State 19-13 Will not participate
Ball State 19-13 At Tennessee State in CIT
Central Michigan 17-15 Hosts Tennessee-Martin in CIT
NIU 21-12 Hoping for CIT/CBI/Vegas 16 bid
Eastern Michigan 18-15 Hoping for CIT/CBI bid
Toledo 17-15 Hoping for CIT/CBI bid

Don't forget to check the times for the Selection Sunday shows.