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Join Hustle Belt's NCAA Bracket Challenge

Winner gets a #nice consolation prize.

Kaleb Carter

Only one MAC team made it in the NCAA Tournament this year, which is no different than any other year this millennium. Back-to-back MAC champs Buffalo Bulls are headed to Providence on Thursday to face ACC semifinalists Miami Hurricanes.

We're doing a Yahoo! Tourney Pick 'Em for all of our Hustle Belt writers and community members to join and compete against each other in. CLICK HERE TO JOIN IN ON THE #CINDERELLAtion.

This is for fun. You won't win a car for winning, but I think I should still have some fun with this. The winner of our tournament bracket challenge will have a special post by me at tournament's end. What I'll do is take your username, congratulate you, then I'll write a post where I say 69 nice things about you. Sounds lame, sure, but we wouldn't be part of the SB Nation network if we weren't #nice every once in a while.

Entries are limited to one bracket per person and it's free to join. So invite your friends, coworkers, family members, and don't forget to annoy everybody about your bracket any time you can get a word in edgewise in all of your conversations for the next month.

Click here to print your bracket.