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The B1G-MAC Swap

Welcome Back (AGAIN), Brady Hoke

This week on The B1G-MAC Swap we say hello again to a dear, old friend.

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Cardinals, Cyborgs, and a Great Coaching Trade

The B1G-MAC Swap welcomes our friends from Ball State to the Big Ten and asks just how they'll fit in with their new Midwestern brethren.

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The B1G-MAC Swap Welcomes WMU

With another week of improvement, PJ Fleck brings his Broncos to the B1G.

Bad Acting and Relegation: Welcome Back, Indiana!

What do soap opera stars and Hoosiers have to do with MACtion? Well, for the second week in a row, Indiana is joining the MAC West!

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The B1G-MAC Swap: The Return of the Chips

With another week in the books, it's time to promote another MAC team to the B1G show. After a stunning victory, this week's winner deserves all the praise

Indiana Is the MAC West's UMass

Can score points, but just can't seem to win (90 percent of the time).

Champaign Showers In Detroit

Timmy Beckman is back, and he's bringing some bubbly with him!

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The B1G-MAC Swap Welcomes Zippy

Because the B1G really needs more gigantic plush mascots.

Penn State's MACtion Feast

The Nittany Lions are joining the MAC. They have a taste for MACtion.

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The B1G-MAC Swap Part II: Bring on Toledo!

I'm sure we could insert a HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN joke and that would be the first time it was ever made, right? Right? RIGHT?!?

Welcome To the MAC, NESUM

The battle for the best MAC team in Michigan just got a lot more crowded.

Welcome Back, Jerry!

This week on the B1G-MAC Swap, we welcome Minnesota into the land of MACtion.

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B1G-MAC Swap Week 3: Happy UMass Day!

As SBNation hubs, it is our sworn duty to protect the sanctity of #HOTSPORTSTAEKS. Today is no exception as Bryan Vance gives the Big Ten a very special promotion. Happy UMass Day Everybody!

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The B1G-MAC Swap: Bring on Central Michigan

As the season continues, the Big Ten earns a new member to the fold: The Mighty Chippewas of Central Michigan. Follow along as Bryan and I figure out just how our newest Big Ten member would fare.

Welcome To the MAC: Purdue

The B1G put Purdue up for sale after Week 2, but here at The B1G-MAC Swap we have an easier solution: relegate the Boilermakers to the MAC.

Northwestern In the MAC? It's the B1G-MAC Swap

We've teamed up with Jesse Collins from Off Tackle Empire, the B1G blog here at SB Nation, to try and demote a B1G team to the MAC after Week 1.

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The B1G-MAC Swap Week 1

In which we try and figure out who is getting promoted to the B1G, and who is getting relegated to the MAC. If only we had a few more conference blogs to tie this into.