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MAC Cross Country

Fall Nonrevenue Wrap Up

EMU sweeps Cross Country titles, Soccer, Field Hockey championships next

It’s almost Championship time in MAC non-revenues

MAC non-revenue rundown: Soccer hitting crunch time, two EMU teams ranked

Nonrevenue Rundown: Can anyone stop Jenna Hellstrom and Kent State?

Nonrevenue Rundown: The Men’s Soccer gauntlet is here

Nonrevenue Roundup: Ball State, Miami Volleyball start strong in MAC Play

MACtion beyond the gridiron

2016 Mid-American Conference Nonrevenue Roundup

Pelafas, Hellstrom lead the way as women’s soccer starts conference play

MAC Nonrevenue sports roundup: Another B1G win in Women’s Soccer, Northwest Ohio highlights Volleyball action

Murphy's Law for Akron Men's Soccer, Central Michigan Women get B1G win

Plenty of MAC-on-MACtion in season-opening cross country meets, and NIU impresses early in Volleyball

Roethlisberger and others to MAC Hall of Fame

Five will be inducted into the MAC Hall of Fame next week in Cleveland.

Kevin Hadsell's tearful TV interview

The exiled Toledo cross country coach addresses some of the allegations in the Deadspin/Toledo Blade stories, owns up to mistakes that should have cost him his job, and admits to new faults not seen in either report.

Featured Fanshot

Kevin Hadsell Interview with WNWO

Just in case you were feeling upbeat about college athletics, check out this Kevin Hadsell interview to bring you back down to earth.

Deadspin/Blade reports Hadsell's sexual misconduct

The former Toledo cross country coach had his romantic dirty laundry aired on Deadspin by his former player (and girlfriend's roommate). The Toledo Blade backs this up with information on who helped turn him in.

Toledo XC coach Kevin Hadsell resigns

The five-time MAC Coach of the Year admitted to violating a university policy.