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MAC Dream League

MAC Fantasy League Update - Week 3

In an exciting week of #MACtion, three players put up over 100 points while two others slugged it out in an intense match-up that came down to the wire

HB Dream League Semifinals

Chad Pennington vs. Ben Roethlisberger! The unheralded 2000 Broncos vs. the volatile 2011 Rockets! Who advances to the Dream League championship?

MAC Dream League: Week 12 Simulation

The regular season comes to a close in the Dream League. Our four playoff teams are finally determined.

MAC Dream League: Week 11 Simulation

We know one playoff team. With with two weeks to go, the other three spots remain up for grabs by five different teams. Here's what our simulation did in Week 11 of the Dream league.

MAC Dream League: Week 10 Simulation

Undefeated 2011 Toledo has a wild finish with 2008 Ball State.

MAC Dream League: Week 9 Simulation

The much-anticipated sim between 1999 Marshall and 2011 Toledo!

MAC Dream League: Week 8 Simulation

In Week 8 of Dream League, the fate of '99 Marshall's season goes down to the final play at 2011 OHIO.

MAC Dream League: Week 7 Simulation (Wind Week)

The Dream League rages on, with raging winds.

MAC Dream League: Week 6 Simulation

Guess what, one division is superior to the other.

MAC Dream League: Week 5 Simulation

The alternate universe Wagon Wheel game is here for you.

MAC Dream League: Week 4 Simulation

Fourth week simulation of the MAC Dream League. Ben Roethlisberger's QB rating so far is above 200.

MAC Dream League: Week 3 Simulation

MAC Dream League Week 3 results. 99 Marshall, 2003 Miami, both Toledos still unbeaten.

MAC Dream League: Week 2 Simulation

It's the second week simulation of the MAC Dream League. Hey, the 2008 MAC Championship game rematch you've been pining for!

MAC Dream League: Week 1 Simulation

It's the Week 1 simulation of the MAC Dream League. Of course the '11 Rockets game went to overtime.

Presenting: The MAC Football Dream League

And now to have some simulated fun. Introducing the MAC Football Dream League!