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MAC Football Pick'em

2016 MAC Pick’em Results Show

The games have been decided. The points have been tallied. Who came out on top?

2016 MAC Pick’em - Bowl Season

We’re down to the final six games of the Pick’em. Lots of points up for grabs, so do you have what it takes to be the MACstradamus this year?

2016 MAC Pick’em - MAC Championship Week

Thirteen weeks down, roughly seven games left. Big points on the table, do you have what it takes to grab the crown?

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 13

It’s the final week of the regular season, and it’s time for one last week of normal Pick’em. Let’s get it!

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 12

We’re almost to the finish line, but we have our last week of byes to get through before we cross the finish line. Let’s get to pickin’

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 11

Three weeks left in the regular season, and it’s anyone’s race. Tough weeks lie ahead, so do you have what it takes to become this year’s MACstradamus?

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 10

Welp, after a dismal week for most in the Pick’em, weeknight MACtion really picks up with five televised games.

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 9

We ready... We ready... We ready... for weeknight MACtion

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 8

Last week provided a couple trap games that we missed a week ago, and now we head to the last full slate of weekend MACtion

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 7

After last week’s “trap week” moniker fell through, we look ahead to the middle of the month, as MAC play really starts to pick up.

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 6

With rivalry week over, and Buffalo and Toledo set to begin their MAC schedules this week, it’s time for a six-shooter of MACtion

2016 MAC Pick’em - Week 5


2016 MAC Pick'em - Week 4

The last week of mass non-conference play is upon us. Make your picks before the gauntlet of MAC play begins

MAC Pick'em - Week 3

Non-conference play is halfway through. Get your picks in

MAC Pick'em - Week 2

With the first week of games out of the way, it’s time to settle in and start the grind of the pick’em

2015 MAC Pick'em Final Results

After a long season, we finally have a champion. Is it you? Only one way to find out!

MAC Pick'em - Bowl Season: Time to end this thing

After 13 grueling weeks and a championship game, it all comes down to who can pick best in the 7 MAC bowl games. Can you come out on top?

MAC Pick'em - Championship Week

The MAC comes down to one deciding game between Bowling Green and Northern Illinois...........again

MAC Pick'em - Week 12: Separation Week

With a big rivalry on the slate as well as a potential MAC West Championship game, there is plenty at stake in this week's Pick'em

MAC Pick'em - Week 11: Games are getting tougher

With conference play getting more intense, it's time to raise the stakes with a solid slate of games this week.

MAC Pick'em - Week 10

After we kicked off weeknight MACtion last week, we get a slew of games throughout the week. Get your picks in early or risk missing out

MAC Pick'em - Week 9: Weeknight #MACtion is here!

With Halloween around the corner, the MAC has given us a little treat with our first weeknight MACtion of the season

MAC Pick'em Week 8: Six-shooter of weekend games

It's the last week where all the games are on one day, so let's celebrate with a six-shooter of MAC games

MAC Pick'em Week 7 - Time to get dirty

After a fairly bland line-up of games last week, this week provides a multitude of games that could go either way. It should be an exciting week in the Pick'em

MAC Pick'em - Week 6: Rivalries Galore!

Central-Western, the Battle for the Bronze Stalk, Miami-Ohio?!?!? Oh MACtion, you spoil us so

MAC Pick'em Week 5: Time for MAC games

With the headaches of non-conference play over, MAC play brings with it fewer games and more points. Time to separate the MACstradamuses from the MAC Cleo's

MAC Pick'em Week 4 - Non-conference play ends

After some exciting play to begin the season, non-conference play ends with a bang with three schools facing top 10 opponents on the road. Can any pull the ultimate upset?

MAC Pick'em - Week 3

After a solid week in non-conference play, we have 12 games this week due to the MAC game taking place.

MAC Pick'em Week 2

It's time to make your picks for week two!

It's the return of the MAC Pick'em!

After some difficulties down the stretch last season, we return the fan favorite in all its glory

PICK'EM: The End of The Year (Bowl Season)

It's the last Pick'em of the year, and it's worth a ton of points. Get in and make your picks before it's too late

PICK'EM: Championship Edition

It's time for the biggest game of the year, the MAC Championship. Come make your pick and see how you're doing in the cumulative totals