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2015 Eastern Michigan Eagles Football Recruiting: "Big Pete" Bergman Commits To Eagles

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I mean, you'd call him "Big Pete" if you saw this kid play too.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

One position that hasn't been too stressed so far in this 2015 recruiting class is that the Eagles were lacking in the 'offensive line' category. Pete Bergman's ties with this Eastern Michigan football program helped pave the way to be in a state that really likes, and be the second offensive lineman in this recruiting class.

"I have family in Michigan and I've always wanted to be in Michigan," Bergman told Hustle Belt.  He may have family in the Holland, Michigan-area, but lives in Casper, Wyoming.

"My offensive lineman coach knows their offensive lineman coach," Bergman said. "They either played or coached together in college, I don't exactly remember."

For this team, building up a real offensive front is very important. Quarterbacks need time to pass the ball and running backs need holes to run through and become play makers. Bergman says that he 's confident in his run-blocking abilities, but would like to work on his strength as he prepares for his first year on campus. Per his Hudl page, Bergman's max bench press is 265 pounds and squats 350. He's got a big frame to build on though, measuring at 6-foot-9, weighing 280 pounds. Bergman also had an offer from Weber State.

Upon visiting EMU when they beat Buffalo, Bergman saw a colored turf for the first time and said that the message behind The Factory resonates with him.  "I've had to work really hard to get to where I'm at," Bergman said. "I want to continue to work hard and help turn Eastern Michigan around."

The coaches, other commits and Bergman are all on-board to turn around this football program. He said that he really likes head coach Chris Creighton, noting that he'll be the one to lead this team to success.

"The whole group of coaches was great, I felt like they were going to turn that program around. I know some of the other commits that I've talked to, they believe the same thing."

Here is one of Bergman's highlight tapes, courtesy of Hudl: