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2015 G/DT Bryce Harris Talks Top 3 Schools, and More

Bryce Harris tells Hustle Belt his top three choices are all from the MAC.

Bryce Harris

The recruiting process is a long and exciting process for many high school students around the country, however it also can be very taxing on these young athletes. Bryce Harris, a 6-foot-3 265 pound prospect, is excited to be close to committing and ending his crazy recruitment.

Harris mentioned being shocked by the amount of coaches who visited his high school, Firestone in Akron, Ohio, just to talk to him. However, any recruit who can bench press 405 pounds, like Harris can, is going to garner quite a bit of attention.

Currently, Harris is being recruited by schools as both an offensive guard and defensive tackle. He holds offers from mostly MAC schools, specifically Akron, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Toledo, and Western Michigan. UTEP is the only non-MAC offer that Harris currently has. He's also received plenty of interest from schools such as Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Cincinnati, and Purdue.

When we asked about what he is looking for in a school, Harris quickly responded, "First off I'm looking into my major. I'm trying to get into physical therapy so I've been looking at the classes I'd be taking and everything like that."

Although a school's physical therapy program may be at the top of his list, his relationship with the coaching staff is a close second. Harris told Hustle Belt, "Bond with the coaches is very important. These are guys I'll be with for the next four, maybe even five years of my life."

After long contemplation, Harris has narrowed it down to a list of three schools. These three schools are Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, and Toledo. Harris said he is in the process of making his final visits and hopes to be committed within the next month. Specifically, Harris is visiting Toledo this Friday for the third time and mentioned them as the frontrunner at this time.

Harris is a guy who can clog up an opponent's backfield extremely quickly and cause headaches for the opponent's offensive linemen. However, Harris also has the ability to switch over and play offensive line to keep sack thirsty defensive linemen out of the backfield. Whichever school lands Harris they will be getting a guy who is strong, gritty, and did I say strong?

Check out his Hudl highlights here: