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2015 Central Michigan Football Recruiting: Steve Eipper Talks Commitment to Chippewas

Steve Eipper may be an under-the-radar prospect for CMU, but he has a promising upside.

Mark A. Cunningham

Dan Enos is on a quest to dominate the state of Michigan with his 2015 recruiting class. By early June he has nine verbal commits, eight from the state of Michigan. One of those commits, offensive and defensive lineman Steve Eipper, recently shed some light on his decision to commit to the Chippewas.

An unranked prospect, Eipper doesn't have any offers from other Division I schools but was receiving extensive interest from several Division II schools. The chance to play Division I football in an atmosphere that felt like home was one fo the reasons he chose to commit.

"I love the facilities, the campus. It's not too small, it's not too big. They're a very prestigious program ...," he told Hustle Belt. "I just felt like everything fit, so I thought I'd commit."

When Eipper received his offer from Enos he said he was speechless, but wasted little time pulling the trigger, he committed a day later.

"The weight room is one of the best I've seen. Their stadium is amazing, their locker room is amazing. Their film rooms are amazing and then that athlete dorms are brand new, so that'd be very nice. It just all fit together."

A versatile lineman, Eipper plays both ways for Greenville Senior High (Greenville, Michigan) and while it appears he's been recruited primarily as an offensive player, the CMU coaching staff has expressed the possibility of him playing defensive line for them.

"I've played offensive line throughout my whole football career. Then [CMU] told me they might switch me to defense. I've played defensive line, but never as like a starter," the 6-foot-4, 272 pound prospect said. "I told my coach that, and I'm pretty sure that [CMU] told my coach that they're not sure where they're going to play me. My coach understands and he's going to try to get me more time on defense. Then, of course with my starting spot on offense, I may be playing both ways this year, and I'm not sure, but I'm open to anything."

It's no small task, learning a new position, but Eipper is up for the challenge. Also, how CMU turned a former high school punter in Eric Fisher into a No. 1 overall pick at offensive tackle gave Eipper faith in the teams ability to ensure his development no matter where he winds up playing.