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2015 Eastern Michigan Eagles Recruiting: TE Bryce Kemp Talks Commitment Eagles

At 6'5", Bryce Kemp is a big target to have at tight end.

Bryce Kemp commits to Eastern Michigan.
Bryce Kemp commits to Eastern Michigan.
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Eastern Michigan has been coming in hot with their upcoming recruiting class, now with their 13th commit before this season kicks off.

Tight end and safety Bryce Kemp stands at 6-foot-5, weighs a shade under 210 pounds and runs a 4.77 40-yard dash. All of those are Nike Sparq verified numbers. The Baxter, Iowa native committed to EMU on Thursday, July 31, 2014.

"I had two offers: Eastern Michigan and Illinois State," Kemp told Hustle Belt. "I really liked everything, thought that it was a fit, so I committed."

Already having tight end Eli Wolf commit to EMU, this fills a need for the position. Tyreese Russell will be finished with his collegiate career once 2014 is over, then there's only two tight ends on the roster after that. In 2015, Cole Gardner will be a redshirt junior and Thomas Glick will be a redshirt sophomore. Now, tentatively having four tight ends on the roster next year, there might be some wiggle room to red shirt either Kemp or Wolf.

"I need to work on my blocking game," Kemp said. "Right now I'm being used as a split out wide receiver and then tight end, so I need to work on the blocking game before I come into college and play tight end."

Kemp was a safety in high school, which probably made his opponents think twice about throwing a Hail Mary against his direction. That, and he's not afraid to get a little physical, either. The whole "he needs to get bigger, faster and stronger before he sees playing time with the Eagles" goes without saying, but another trait that fans may be optimistic about is the fact that he could get taller. He's still just a senior in high school. thinking that he could properly gain weight and grow another inch or two.

"I'm really happy and grateful that I get to play at the college level, it's been a dream of mine since I was little and Eastern Michigan is fulfilling my dreams."

Here's one of his highlight tapes courtesy of Hudl: