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Are you pleased with your school's National Signing Day class?

There's a lot of optimism that comes with our football teams this time of year. Some like to sip on the Kool-Aid more than others, but could these classes really help our teams out in 2015?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we busted our humps to give you all everything you needed to know about your new incoming class of 2015 for football. National Signing Day can be a real blast if your defensive coordinator doesn't retire a few hours after the signing classes are released. But let me keep it simple for you: are you happy with how your NSD class shaped up?


players of note:

3* LB Ulysees Gilbert

3* DL Brock Boxen

2* WR Michael Means

2* DB Chris Bivins

2* WR Richie Cooper

Ball State

players of note:

3* QB Riley Neal

3* RB James Gilbert

2* CB Corey Hall

3* DT Kevin Thurmon

2* DE Sean Hammonds

Bowling Green

players of note:

4* DB Eliar Hardy

3* DB Bobo Jones

3* TE Derek Lee

4* QB James Morgan

3* DB Robert Jackson Jr.


players of note:

3* QB Tyree Jackson

3* RB Jonathan Hawkins

2* WR Cameron Lewis

2* DT Christian Gonzalez

2* TE Tyler Mabry

Central Michigan

players of note:

2* OL Louis Grigolleti

3* WR Brandon Childress

3* LB Michael Oliver

3* DT Shadid Bellamy

3* DB Da'Quan Jamison

Eastern Michigan

players of note:

3* RB Breck Turner

2* WR Cody Tuttle

3* DT Kwanii Figueroa

3* DT Nick Dillon

2* LB Anthony Brown

Kent State

players of note:

3* DB Juantez McRae

3* DB Carlos Pickett

3* WR Antwan Dixon

NR DE Anthony Johnson

NR WR Johnny Woods


players of note:

3* OL Reche Thomas

3* RB Marquise Young

3* OL Michael Yerardi

3* DL Mario Patton

2* DB Lee Moses


players of note:

3* LB Carter Masek

3* QB Billy Bahl

2* TE Alexx Zielinski

3* RB Joshua Allen

3* OL John Leever

Northern Illinois

players of note:

3* ATH Sutton Smith

3* OL Nathan Veloz

3* WR Spencer Tears

2* RB/WR Marcus Jones

2* DB Cassius Grady


players of note:

3* WR Elijah Ball

3* LB Demetrius Colbert

3* DB Deontai Williams

3* DB Maxwell Howell

2* QB Quinton Maxwell


players of note:

3* OL Cameron Bell

3* WR Darrion Landry

2* DL Nathan Childress

3* OL Ruben Carter

3* DB Rolan Milligan

Western Michigan

players of note:

3* DB Justin Tranquill

3* OL John Keenoy

3* ATH Alex Grace

2* ATH Samuel Beal

3* WR Kadeem Goulbourne