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Introducing the first ever MAC Crootin' Football Draft

Do you enjoy the NFL Draft more than National Signing Day? Here's a perfect middle ground for you.

David Banks/Getty Images

Welcome to 2015 MAC Crootin' Football Draft, our first edition ever!

A few participating contributors from the Belt got together and did this really nerdy thing where we took the newcomers of the 2015 signing classes and late signees and selected in a draft of our own. Basically, pretend all of these incoming freshmen, first-year transfers and late signees aren't coming to your school. Instead, they're all in this pool of players that the 13 MAC teams can select the best available player that we think they'd benefit from.

Our goals in this is were to see what we did and didn't like about the respective signing classes, point out some needs that the teams have, and see who the top newcomers are, making way-too-early predictions about their respective worths. And to have fun. That was a heavily-emphasized goal.

This draft is 15 rounds long. The draft order was determined by last season's standings, so we started with Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Miami and ended with Toledo, Bowling Green and Northern Illinois. Your run of the mill fantasy football league has a snake draft, but this didn't do that.

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, spring games happening and everybody's still got the football feels from their signing classes, we feel like this project would be a fun way to get some talking points about the future of our MAC programs going. We also found that this was a fun way to celebrate the quality talent that our MAC programs were collectively able to bring in this year.

So who do you think are the most valuable signees for your team? Will they go in the early rounds or will some flare off? Did our MAC teams get to have their needs addressed? These questions and more went into our thought processes throughout the MAC Crootin' Draft. We had a ton of fun with it and we hope you enjoy the ride!