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2016 UMass Football Recruiting: TE Avien Peah commits to the Minutemen

The Minutemen continue to pile on the recruits with their third commit of the 2016 class.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Maroon Musket reported this morning that La Salle Academy's Avien Peah had committed to the Minutemen.  Peah is 6-foot-3 and weighs 230 pounds.  He is the third Minutemen commit, all of which have visited the annual 2015 clam bake.  "It was a wonderful experience," Peah told Hustle Belt, " I enjoyed my time there.  I got to see the players workout and got to sit in the meeting room with the guys and see what it's like."  Peah also reportedly held offers from Rhode Island and Bryant before announcing his commitment to UMass.

Hustle Belt reached the Rhode Island native to see why he chose UMass.  "What stood out to me was the way the team bonded with each other.  They were all really close with each other and they all pushed each other.  I (also) really liked the coaches a lot when I got up there.  We all kind of just clicked, so it was nice."

Peah also discussed with Hustle Belt some of the goals he has during his time at UMass.  "(I want to) win my position, be a big factor for the team, and to set a great example for my teammates."  The 6-foot-3 230 pound prospect also eluded that he would like to help take his team to the next level.

While Peah spent a lot of time at the defensive end position in high school, he told Hustle Belt that he will be playing tight end for the Minutemen.  UMass could really use some help in the red zone.  Peah's big frame could help the Minutemen's red zone efficiency, which was tied for eleventh in the MAC in 2014 by scoring on only 70 percent of their trips.

Check out some of the highlights of the Minutemen's newest commit, Avien Peah, courtesy of Hudl.