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Five MAC signees worth getting excited about

Matt Falcon is an obvious one, but who else is worth getting excited about around the MAC?

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RB Matt Falcon- WMU

Two injuries really hurt his high school career. Had those never even happened, he'd probably be getting all the attention from our friends over at Maize-N-Brew. Instead, one of the nation's top running back prospects will be playing at Kalamazoo, giving the WMU signing class a major boost. He'll need to overcome a lot and fans should be weary, but it's also worth being optimistic for his collegiate future too.

RB Shakif Seymour- Toledo

I don't know if he'll even see the field this year. I just know that when he does see the field, he's going to be one tough cookie to bring down. Good sized frame, ideal speed out of the backfield. Had three 1,000-plus yard seasons with 56 total scores in high school, so you could say that he's used to being productive.

DL Ben LeRoy- NIU

I was told that Northern Illinois gives absolutely zero cares for star ratings, so they go try to find the players that have the least of those but still a butt load of talent. LeRoy might only be a 2-star prospect, but he's going to be a stud on the Huskies defensive front soon enough.

WR Stori Emerson- Miami

I've no doubt that Chuck Martin's going to have himself one heck of a defense to work with in Oxford with Speaight and Shepard coming into the mix this year, but the Miami offense is still a problem that needs some fixing. Maybe Emerson can be that difference maker at receiver that the RedHawks have been needing.

DB Ohaji Hawkins- EMU

Of course I'm going to throw an Eagle into this post, you didn't think I'd do this any other way, did you? This guy wasn't on my radar at all, so it was a great Signing Day surprise to see. The former Utah commit should be a huge help for the Eagles secondary which they already needed some help in. Switching to a 4-2-5 defense this year means that he certainly could earn some early playing time.

What say you? Who are you looking forward to see play on Saturdays (and Tuesdays)(and Wednesdays)?