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Eighth grade football recruit receiving interest from Kent State, Ohio

And the list of interested schools is long.

Mi'Quan Grace is 13 years old, and he already has a pair of Division 1 football scholarship offers under his belt.

The eighth-grader out of Cincinnati, Ohio started generating buzz as a seventh-grader at Winton Woods Middle School. In February of this year, the Kentucky Wildcats offered Grace a scholarship offer. A month later, the Cincinnati Bearcats followed suit, and the interest doesn't end there.

The 5-foot-9, 160 pound defensive back will enroll at Winton Woods High School in the fall, but not before he attends summer camps at Ohio State, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Clemson. Kent State and Ohio also have an eye on Grace, and on April 16th he was youngest recruit invited to Kentucky's spring game.

He's got some top-notch tutelage in his corner. Grace is being trained by Ohio State standout Vinnie Clark. The Buckeye defensive back was drafted 19th out of OSU in 1991 and played with the Packers, Falcons, Saints, and Jaguars in his six year NFL career.

Recently, Eastern Michigan has blessed us all with the opportunity to have the discussion of academics versus athletics. It looks like Mi'Quan Grace may have the talents to earn his way onto a Division 1 football field. So far, it looks like he also has the tools in the classroom. Grace pulled a 3.7 through middle school. The math gets tougher though, kid.