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MAC Pick'em Spreads for Week 8

Game of the Week will be decided by twitter. Completely forgot the poll this week, but it came down to three games.

Another week, another set of spreads. Here's how picks broke down.......




BGSU @ UMass 11-0 BGSU
NIU @ Akron 11-0 NIU
Army @ EMU 9-2 Army OHBCats and Suss going against the grain.
Pitt @ Buffalo 10-1 Pitt Lone Wolf: bull_trojan
Ball St @ CMU 7-4 Ball St Tightest MAC game of the week
WMU @ Kent St 10-1 Kent St Lone Wolf: td3
#21 Cincy @ Toledo 6-5 Toledo Tightest game of the week, upset special

High Team: NIU (9), Ball State (1), Toledo (1)
Low Team: Buffalo (4), Akron (3), UMass (2), EMU (1), Toledo (1)