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BGSU shuts out UMass 24-0 despite 15 penalties

Here's your game synopsis. Anything else is wasted column inches:

UMass offense: 60 plays, 118 yards
Bowling Green: 15 penalties, 130 yards

You read that correctly. UMass got more yards by virtue of careless BGSU penalties than they did with their own play-calling. Of their six first downs, two came on penalties. UMass quarterbacks combined for four interceptions, one which was returned for a touchdown by Dwayne Woods.

It was the second time they've been shutout this season (the opener at UConn was the other one), while BGSU's defense shut out a foe for the first time since 2004, when they whupped Western Michigan 52-0.

Next week UMass heads to SEC country to take on Vanderbilt, while BGSU hosts Eastern Michigan.