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Bearcats Finally on the Board, but Rockets Lead 16-13 at Half

The Toledo Rockets are beginning to show some cracks as the Cincinnati Bearcats finally put some points on the board, but the foot of Jeremiah Detmer is keeping Toledo on top.

After Detmer kicked a 42 yard score early in the quarter to go up 13-0, Cincy used a 52 yard run by Ralph Abernathy to get deep into Toledo territory. Munchie Legaux punched it in from a couple yards to give the Bearcats 7. On Rockets next posession, Cassius McDowell let the ball squirt out of his hands, and Brandon Mills recovered the ball for UC. Tony Milano kicked a FG from 40 yards out, and UC inched closer, 13-10. The teams have traded field goals from that point on.

Statistically, Cincy leads in, well, everything except points: 280-173 in total yards, 13-6 in first downs, 18:29-11:31 in Time of Possession. Toledo's defense is doing their best to keep the Rockets in this, but the offense needs to kick into gear: they haven't gotten passed the Bearcats 25 yard line.