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WMU leads NIU At The Half 21-17

Western Michigan has used some trickeration, and a lot of defense, to take a 21-17 lead at the half over NIU, a team many think is the best in the MAC.

WMU took a 14-7 lead after the 1st quarter thanks to the rarely seen Polecat formation. Eric Monette has his 2nd and 3rd career TD catches, and Dareyon chance has a 8 yd TD rush to help pace the Bronco offense. TVT went 11-12 in the 1st quarter, but will enter the half with a 15-25 mark with 141 yds and 2 TDs. The Broncos also have 109 rushing yards, led by Chance's 74 yds on 16 carries.

NIU answered first though, with a great catch by TommyLee Lewis on a 31 yd TD. Lynch is dominating with 78 yds and 13 carries. He is also throwing with the same accuracy as TVT: 9-15 for 94 yds and 2 TDs. Lewis himself is having an up and down game. With that TD, he also has had a pair of good returns, but dropped a WIDE open TD.

WMU will receive the ball to start the 2nd half, so we'll see what happens down the stretch, where the Broncos have struggled all season long