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Turnover-free WMU Leads NIU 21-17 At Half

A bit of a surprise? NIU is getting their yards and points but Western Michigan is matching them drive for drive, and then some.

Tyler Van Tubbergen has thrown two touchdowns so far to Eric Monette (and no interceptions!) and the diminutive Dareyon Chance sprinted in for another six points near the end of the half. NIU closed out the action with Mathew Sims connecting on a 54-yard field goal, tying a school record.

The Jordan Lynch numbers: 9-for-15, 95 yards and 13 carries for 75 yards. Tommylee Lewis has three catches for 40 yards, about 1½ drops and a nice 36-yard kickoff return. In fact WMU's kicker (Andrew Haldeman) and punter (J Schroeder) each have touchdown-saving tackles.