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Bad Weather, Worse Ball Security: Buffalo and Toledo Score on Turnovers, Tied at 7 after 1.

The hurricane may not hit New York State until Monday, but there's already a bunch of the wet stuff falling over Amherst, and it's messing with everything involved with the Toledo Rockets and Buffalo Bulls (including the television broadcast). Offenses on both sides have sputtered thanks to the rain, and that includes both teams giving up turnovers for points as the teams are tied at 7 after 1.

But the difference so far has been a big mistake by Toledo's Terrance Owens, who missed a pass to Alonzo Russel that instead landed in the arms of Cortney Lester, which he easily ran in for a score. It's only the 3rd pick of the year for the Bulls, but it couldn't have come at a better time.

Later in the quarter, with the Bulls starting a drive on their own 20, Devin Campbell had the ball knocked out of his hands by Hank Keighley, and Dan Molls picked up the fumble with nothing but daylight ahead of him.

Buffalo has been content to keep the ball on the ground in the cruddy weather, 13 rushes to 7 passes, while the Rockets are literally throwing caution to the wind, 7 rushes to 8 passes.