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David Fluellan Puts on a 3rd Quarter Show, Toledo leads Buffalo 25-14

After being silent for the first 30 minutes of the game, Toledo's offense finally remembered who they were in the 3rd quarter with two touchdown drives to take a 25-14 lead after the 3rd.

On the opening possession, Toledo showed that they weren't going to give up on the pass game in the weather, and Terrance Owens hit Cordale Scott and Bernard Reedy on back-to-back 21 yard passes to get into the red zone for the first time of the day, and David Fluellen took it the rest of the way, capping off the play with an 8 yard rush for a score. The Jeremiah Detmer point after was blocked, and the Bulls almost took it the other way for 2 before being tackled around the 35 yard line.

On their next possession, it was all Fluellen. Rushes of 17, 49, 19, and finally punching it in from one yard out for the score in front of his hometown. Detmer's point after kick was blocked again, and nearly returned again, but Toledo takes their first lead of the game.

Not content with a 5 point lead, the Rockets moved on their next possession as well, with Owens hitting Alonzo Russel on a 40 yard pass, and Fluellan bringing it into the red zone. On second and goal, Owens hit frosh receiver Alex Zmolik for a 7 yard touchdown pass, and while Detmer finally got the ball above the line, the wind sent it wide.

Buffalo finally got the offense going at the end of the quarter, we'll see if they can capitalize in the 4th.