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MAC in the NFL Week 5: No Match For The SEC, Naturally

Victor Cruz and Usama Young — even though they were pitted against each other in real life — had fairly excellent games. But the fantasy MAC NFL team was pummeled by the top college football conference.

Al Bello - Getty Images

For an explanation on this fantasy league, and why it's cooler than yours, look here.

This ... this was not close. The Fantasy SEC team spanked the MAC 170-107. The SEC's top five scorers alone would've outscored the MAC plus the entire bench and maybe every other MAC player in the NFL. That's just obscene, gentlemen.

Focusing on our own players, though, Victor Cruz had another excellent outing with 50 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Michael Turner ran for a touchdown and Usama Young even corraled in an interception (a ball intended for Cruz, even). Chase Blackburn also had a pick, and he's turned out to be the defensive MVP thus far.

Next week it doesn't get any easier: the matchup is against the Pac-12.