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Keith Wenning injury: Ball State starting QB hurt while catching pass

That's an extremely MAC injury, but Ball State's still in a very serious situation with top quarterback Keith Wenning hurt.


Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning appeared to hurt his ankle while making a 17-yard pass reception Wednesday night against Ohio. Each team's starting quarterback has now pulled in a catch, so it didn't seem all that out of the ordinary until Wenning had to limp off the field.

He was replaced by senior and former starter Kelly Page, who immediately ran for a touchdown.

Wenning was surrounded by at least four trainers on the sideline, with his ankle being retaped. At this point his return doesn't look to be out of the question, but there's nothing official on his status just yet. There's this, which doesn't sound good:

With a catch earlier in the year and two punts last year (in addition to his effective ground game), Wenning has always been a quarterback with more than just an arm.

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