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Halftime: Miami (OH) 3, Buffalo 3

If field goals were weighted according to length of kick, Buffalo might be winning. But Kaleb Patterson's 29-yarder for Miami was topped by Patrick Clarkes 49-yard shot, and that's all the scoring we've seen.

Miami has had trouble moving the ball, going 1-for-8 on third down and failing to hit the 100-yard mark so far. The best plays so far have been Dawan Scott sweep plays, and he has three carries for 29 yards.

Meanwhile, Buffalo's moved the ball well — Branden Oliver already has 100 yards on the ground — but a fumble and an interception have cost them field position.

And the camerawork on the MAC Digital Network feed has been ... well, very zoomed in, not to mention a bit erratic and the feed keeps jumping around in time. It's like "Memento" if Guy Pearce was a football player.