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WMU strikes twice, takes a 14-13 lead over CMU at the half

WMU scored twice, using big passes to take a lead over CMU, but was unable to pull away as the Chippewas pulled within 1 on a 1 yd TD.

Tyler Van Tubbergen threw a 55 yd TD to Blake Hammond early in the 2nd, and followed that up with an 18 yd rushing TD on the next drive to give the Broncos a 14-6 lead in the 2nd. However, when the Broncos forced the first CMU punt of the game, Dareyon Chance chose not to field the punt, and it rolled for 74 yds down to the WMU 3. TVT threw an INT 3 plays later, and Zurlon Tipton put it in.

Overall, TVT is 7-13 for 132 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT and is rushing for 27 yds and a TD. So an up and down game. Eric Monette has 2 catches for 52 yds. The Broncos aren't getting much else outside of Hammond's TD, as Chance has just 9 yds rushing on 6 carries.

Ryan Radcliff is 12-18 with 166 yds at the half. Tipton has 56 yds on 13 carries and a TD, and Titus Davis and Cody Wilson each have 4 catches for 76 and 55 yds respectively.

The 2nd half is still to come!