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Kent State pulls to within 24-14 of Akron

Quite a bizarre way to finish the first half. It began with a 3rd and 1 call: a flea-flicker that would've been intercepted had it not been dropped. An apparent field goal led to a delay of game, then quite possibly a second delay of game but it wasn't called and Akron converted the fourth down pass. It all set up a field goal, but zaniness remained abound.

Kent State finally got on the board, both plays set up by big Dri Archer touches. Touchdowns were scored by Trayion Durham and Spencer Keith on goalline plays, so they're very much back in this game. That Akron field goal gave them good feelings as they headed into the locker room.

If Kent State wins this, it'll be hard fought. And they're still waiting for that first takeaway.