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MAC Championship: Predictions People Are Making

The popular pick remains Northern Illinois over Kent State. But with the Huskies favored by a touchdown in Detroit, how many experts are taking the Golden Flashes? And who do I have winning? You're wondering what I'm thinking, most likely.


Dan Rubenstein, SB Nation: Kent State 45, NIU 38

Bill Connelly, Football Study Hall (F/+ picks): Kent State

Bruce Feldman, CBS Sports: Northern Illinois 31, Kent State 21

Everyone else at CBS Sports: Mostly Northern Illinois, but Dennis Dodd picked Kent State

Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports: Kent State

Graham Watson, Yahoo! Sports: Northern Illinois

Robert Smith, ESPN: Northern Illinois

CollegeFootballNews: Northern Illinois 38, Kent State 30

Steve Greenberg, Sporting News: Northern Illinois 34, Kent State 24

Matt Hayes, Sporting News: Northern Illinois 40, Kent State 21

Me: Northern Illinois 31, Kent State 30. I honestly have no idea, and somebody has to win. It's simply a guess, and I'll go with the team that's just been playing lights out all season after the Iowa loss. Now that I think of it ... didn't 2003 Miami also begin with a loss to Iowa then won their next 13 games, including a ranked opponent in the MAC Championship Game? It's all starting to add up.