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After First Quarter: Northern Illinois 3, Kent State 10

The Kent State Golden Flashes have not played in a MAC Championship game in a very long time, but they have the lead after after the first quarter.

Northern Illinois started this Marathon game much like they did the last one...Sloppy, slow and down by ten points. However a drive at the end of the quarter, including a Jordan Lynch scramble that converted a fourth and medium from Kent's 35, allowed them to bring the game back to one possession.

Kent State has honestly not put together a drive of their own. Good field position and big plays (yes, by Dri Archer) has the Golden Flashes in front.

On the second position of the game for Kent, Archer ran the ball fifteen yards on an end-around for the first score of the game. It came after a NIU muffed punt return.

So far this game has left much on the field, but has been intriguing to watch indeed.