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Northern Illinois is ALIVE, Leads Kent State 17-10 at Halftime

Remember all the things I mentioned that were left on the field in the first quarter?

The Huskies picked it all up and did not let Kent State have any.

The second quarter was all NIU, as the team from the west outscored their opponent 14-0 and took a seven point lead into halftime. Jordan Lynch, despite throwing an interception with five minutes to play in the half, was marvelous. He threw for a touchdown and has 58 rushing yards so far tonight.

Kent State offense has been non-existent. They only have 50 yards so far all together. And it appears likely that they will have to rely on the big play to score points.

Northern Illinois has not had to respect Kent's passing attack so far. Dechane Durante came up with the first interception of the game with a tremendous play where he jumped over two players and was able to get three feet in-bounds near the sideline.