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Halftime Thoughts from Ford Field

Remember that great start by the Flashes? About 30 minutes ago? Yeah, those feelings are gone. Northern Illinois has controlled the last 20 minutes of the game, mostly with Jordan Lynch making plays on third and fourth down. After they iced their own field goal attempt, KSU has been bowled over so far.

As for the crowd, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced an attendance well north of 20,000. The NIU fans have been louder than anticipated on big plays. I can't see Kent State's crowd but their presence has been felt and as I walked to the stadium I saw nothing but gold shirts entering the place.

Halftime couldn't have arrived at a better time for the Golden Flashes. They're only down seven points. They're fully capable of adjusting and get back in the game. But first it might be useful to catch their breath, and get some darn blocking.