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Kent State Leads Ball State 21-13 At Halftime

After a ho-hum first quarter with no scoring, we found out they were saving the fun stuff for the second quarter. The play of the game so far is Dri Archer's 99-yard kickoff return for touchdown, which by my unscientific count went 12 seconds from touch to touchdown. That's Dri Bird's second KO return TD of the season, and Archer added a receiving touchdown as well.

Spencer Keith looks excellent, passing 6-for-9 for 90 yards and a touchdown. He also had a nice 10-yard scramble for a first down. Roosevelt Nix is also having a great game, registering a sack on the final drive and forcing a field goal. They did use David Fisher under center for one possession, but it was a three-and-out, and that might wrap up the QB controversy in Kent.

Keith Wenning has accounted for over 200 yards and a touchdown for the Ball State offense but one turnover and two near-turnovers have not made this a fun half. Jamill Smith leads the team with four catches for 63 yards an an excellent catch in the end zone on a better fade pass by Wenning. Steven Schott has field goals of 31 and 44, missing from 51.