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HALFTIME: Mississippi State 21, Bowling Green 13

Mississippi State moved up and down the field at will during the first half, but Bowling Green capitalized on a couple of mistakes (including a first quarter interception) to stay close.  The Falcons are moving the ball reasonably well but have made a couple of mistakes of their own.  Chief among those is the "targeting" foul by Jerry "Boo Boo" Gates late in the first half.  As MSU quarterback Dak Prescott was scrambling and being tackled by another BGSU defender, Gates came in and met Prescott helmet-to-helmet.  The foul caused Gates to be ejected.

Mississippi State had nearly 300 yards of total offense in the first half, including over 100 rushing yards alone by Prescott.  Bowling Green had 188 yards in the first half, including 127 in the second quarter.

We'll have more after the game.