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Halftime: Akron, Miami (Ohio) Tied At 7-7

It's halftime in Yager Stadium and Miami and Akron are tied at 7-7 in one of the weirder games you'll ever see. Akron leapt out to an early 7-0 lead over the 0-6 RedHawks after blocking a Zac Murphy punt deep in 'Hawks territory, and rushing the ball in four plays later.

It appeared the Zips were in control, and then they did what they do best: Derp.

Akron has fumbled the ball twice, both on crucial drives, including at the end of the first half. Kyle Pohl completed an 11-yard pass to Franshon Bickley for what should have been the go-ahead score, instead, Bickley fumbled the ball at the goal line, keeping the game knotted up at halftime.

Miami hasn't just benefitted from Zips mistakes, the offense is actually playing fairly well. The 'Hawks outgained Akron in the first half (Akron now leads 206 yards, to 109), and managed to score near the end of the first on a Austin Boucher 6-yard pass to David Frazier to tie the game up.

Boucher has played his best game to date, and is 8-for-12 with a score and no turnovers. But Miami is still having problems gaining significant yardage on plays and is averaging just 3.5 yards per play. Conversely, Pohl is 17 of 22 for 172 yards and has received moderate support from his run game. If Akron can limit turnovers in the second half, it should be able to come out of Oxford, Ohio with its first FBS victory since November 2010.