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Halftime: Ohio up 21-14 on Eastern Michigan

A very emotional game in Ypsilanti for obvious reasons. All players have #2 stickers on the back of their helmets and wearing armbands with the number 2 on them. As the players ran through the tunnel, Demarius Reed's jersey was held by a player and who I believe is a team manager as they led the way to the sidelines. All of the players walked up and touched their friend's jersey. This was followed by short moment of silence.

With all of these emotions running high at Rynearson Stadium, Tyler Allen took the opening kickoff all the way to the house for 90 yards, putting the Eagles up to an early 7-0 lead. It doesn't matter who you are or who you root for, that was a very special moment in Ypsi.

For Ohio, quarterback Tyler Tettleton led the way in the first half. He's completed 11 out of his 16 attempted passes for 167 with a pair of touchdowns. Both scores were in the first quarter. Tettleton looks very poised, but every quarterback should look comfortable when your offensive line gives you enough time to wash, dry and fold your laundry before you have to throw the ball.

Down by 14, Tyler Benz found Dustin Creel on a post route in the end zone, coming down with the touchdown catch with contact from the Bobcat defense. Creel is the leading receiver for the Eagles with four grabs for 44 yards. Benz is 10-for-18 for 80 yards, thusfar.

The 'Cats drove the length of the field in their final possession in the half for their fourth appearance in the red zone, where they've scored all three previous times in that neighborhood. Tettleton's pass was tipped by his own receiver and into the hands of linebacker Ike Spearman with a little over 2:00 to go; more than enough time to get some points up on the board before halftime. However, Bronson Hill's number was called each time as the Eagles ran the clock out on four plays for 29 yards.

The Eagles will be kicking off to Ohio at the start the second half.