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FINAL: Western Michigan Beats UMass 31-30

I have no earthly clue what happened here. With under two minutes to go, UMass trailed by seven and were within striking distance. With 22 seconds left on the clock A.J. Doyle hooked up with Lorenzo Woodley in the endzone to bring the Minutemen one point away from sending the game into overtime.

But for some strange reason Charley Molnar opted to go for the win and two instead of kicking the extra point and likely sending the game into overtime. After rolling out to his right, Doyle shot a pass out the back fo the endzone effectively sealing the loss for UMass.

Western Michigan captured its first win of the season, thanks in large part to Molnar's bad decision, but also on the arm of Zach Terrell. The redshirt freshman filling in for the injured Tyler Van Tubbergen threw for 275 yards and four scores.

Doyle finished the game with 194 yards and a score.