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FINAL: Bowling Green dominates Eastern Michigan 58-7

It's still really cold and everybody left. I think there were more people in my high school graduating class than everybody that stayed to watch this one play out in its entirety, and I had 168 people in my graduating class, but I digress.

There was no real play, drive or moment to pick from, the Eastern Michigan Eagles started out playing flat and didn't have any real progression. Bowling Green, on the other hand, didn't slow down until they sent out their second and third-string players.

Collectively, the EMU passing offense completed one pass off of 18 attempts for four yards. Brogan Roback started the game and had the lone completion to Quincy Jones early in the first quarter. He had 11 incompletions and an interception to Ryland Ward. Tyler Benz (0-for-5) and Mark Ianotti (0-for-1) both had some playing time. Matt Johnson for the Falcons completed 13 of his 23 passes for 264 yards and three touchdown passes, all to Ronnie Moore (7 receptions, 161 yards, 3 TD).

BGSU's record improves to 8-3 (7-1 Mid-American Conference) while EMU's falls to 2-9 (1-6).