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Hustle Belt Award Standings: Week 10

MID WEEK FOOTBALL TIME. The awards standings start to get serious.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Roethlisberger Golden Arm Award

1. Keith Wenning (Ball State) - Wenning is really running away with this award.

2. Tyler Tettleton (Ohio) - The conference's leader in passer rating and efficiency takes on Buffalo Tuesday night.

3. Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois) - Lynch for six has happened through the air 19 times this season.

4. Joe Licata (Buffalo) -  Licata is blossoming at the same time Bo Oliver is for the Bulls.

5. Matt Johnson (Bowling Green) - Johnson has thrown for 1,827 yards and nine touchdowns so far this season.

Tait Trophy

1. David Fluellen (Toledo) - Fluellen leads the MAC in yards per game on the ground with 133.4.

2. Branden Oliver (Buffalo) - Oliver is salivating remembering his game against Ohio two seasons ago.

3. Travis Greene (Bowling Green)

4. Jahwan Edwards (Ball State) -

5. Bronson Hill (Eastern Michigan) - Eastern may have given up a trillion yards to Toledo this weekend, but Hill has been a workhorse.

Moss-Jennings Trophy

1. Willie Snead (Ball State) - Ball State wins.

2. Jordan Williams (Ball State) - See above.

3. Donte Foster (Ohio) - Foster has a tough challenge this week against the turnover-dominant Buffalo Bulls.

4. Corey Davis (Western Michigan) - Davis looks like one of the few players who have bought into rowing the boat. He has 761 yards for the Broncos this season.

5. Alex Neutz (Buffalo) - Neutz is fifth in the conference with 628 yards this season.

Eric Fisher Award

1. Tyler Loos (Northern Illinois) - My Loos pun last week was too good.

2. Zac Kerin (Toledo) - Toledo has some big games ahead and will need Kerin to keep balling out on their offensive line.

3. Jared Volk (Northern Illinois) - His name is hard to make a pun with.

4.  Matthew Page (Ball State) - Ball State has a lot of weapons that benefit from Page.

5. Andre Davis (Buffalo) - Davis was a part of Oliver's sensational season two years ago and proves this week that he should be on this list.

Bronze Babin

1. Jayrone Elliott (Toledo) - Elliott leads all defensive linemen with 10.5 tackles. Seven of them are sacks.

2. Nico Caponi (Akron) - Caponi has two forced fumbles to go with his seven sacks.

3. Tarell Basham (Ohio) - The freshman is doing work for Ohio with seven sacks this season.

4. Colby Way (Buffalo) - Colby Way averages over a tackle for loss per game with five sacks.

5. Roosevelt Nix (Kent State) - Nix's 1.17 tackle for loss per game is second best in the MAC.

Lombardi Award

1. Khalil Mack (Buffalo) - He's Khalil Mack. Get to know him.

2.Junior Sylvestre (Toledo) - Sylvestre has amassed 92 tackles and five sacks for the Rockets.

3. Justin Cherocci (Central Michigan) -Cherocci has the same amount of tackles and one more sack than his teammate.

4. Shamari Benton (Central Michigan) - If Benton has two sacks how many does Cherocci have? #math

5. Stanley Andre (Massachusetts) - Andre leads the Minutemen D with 88 tackles.

Bayless Award

1. Jimmie Ward (Northern Illinois) - Ward still leads the MAC with five picks for the Huskies.

2. Ronald Zamort (West Michigan) - Zamort's 15 passes defended are a conference best.

3. Jeffrey Garrett (Ball State) - Garrett is hot on Ward's heels with four interceptions this sesaon.

4. Najja Johnson (Buffalo) - Johnson continues to have a strong season with three interceptions, one of which he's taken back for a score. If he can slow down Donte Foster this week, look out.

5. Dechane Durante (Northern Illinois) - Turnover machine, baby.

Zinc Zastudil

1. Zac Murphy (Miami) - Zac Attack or Die.

2. Matthew Sims (Northern Illinois) - The MAC's leading scorer.

3. Jeremiah Detmer (Toledo) - Detmer's 14 field goals lead the conferenc.e

4. Tyler Allen (Eastern Michigan) - Allen is blowing away kickoff return competition with 740 yards and one TD.

5. Josiah Yazdani (Ohio) - Yazdani remains perfect on field goal attempts this season.

Rowe Award

1. Khalil Mack (Buffalo)

2. Jimmie Ward (Northern Illinois)

3. Jayrone Elliott (Toledo)

4. Junior Sylvestre (Toledo)

5. Justin Cherocci (Central Michigan)

THE Hustle Belt

1. Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois)

2. Keith Wenning (Ball State)

3. Khalil Mack (Buffalo)

4. Jimmie Ward (Northern Illinois)

5. Tyler Tettleton (Ohio)