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Buffalo Dominates Ohio 30-3: Immediate Reaction

The first half was a punt-a-thon of glorious proportions.

The second half kicked off with what might have been one of the worst calls in history of college football. Or even sports period. Khalil Mack went all Khalil Mack and hurried Tyler Tettleton into throwing away a pass under duress. The pass was thrown from the four-yard line, and a SAFETY was called. After about two minutes, the refs conceded that the spot of the penalty was not subject to review.

Following the safety, Alex Neutz set the Bulls up with good field position, returning the punt after the safety to the Ohio 46. Eight plays later, Brandon Oliver ran right through the heart of the Ohio defense for a thirteen-yard touchdown, effectively putting away any hope for the Bobcats.

The Brandon Oliver and Alex Neutz show continued on offense thereafter as Oliver gashed Ohio for 249 yards and Neutz hauled in two touchdown catches.

It was an all-around dominant performance for the Bulls in the second half. It'll be something they will attempt to replicate in their next game against Toledo.

Tyler Tettleton also went out of the game late in the contest, visibly shaken up. He went to the locker room but the initial response did not seem dire for Ohio.